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This Month - September 2011

SKO2011 is upon us. Pre-registration is available here. If you pre-register for the event you will have a name badge waiting for you when you arrive, and will have your taste preferences taken into account for food and beverage that will be provided during the event. The permission slip for SKO2011 is available here. If you want to participate in the SKOVILLE challenge, the permission slip is here.


SingλeWord youth ministries is the youth ministry at Abundant Life Christian Fellowship. We meet every Wednesday night at 7:00 PM for worship, games and preaching. Anyone ages 12-19 can attend.

About the name:

The name was chosen to point to the message brought by Jesus. The "λ" in "Singλe" is the Greek letter lamda. It's equivalent in English to the letter "L". It's also the first letter in the Greek word λογος (logos) which means "word". λογος is sometimes used with reference to Jesus, for example in the first chapter of the book of John. Jesus came to reveal the truth about God's plan to rescue the world. The Bible (both Old & New Testament) calls this message, about God's plan, the Good News (or the Gospel). It's this message, the Good News, that we also hope to tell.


Questions/Comments should be directed to Nick Hauenstein.